Invisible Mannequin Service

A Ghost Mannequin Service, also known as a Neck Joint Service or Invisible Mannequin Service, is a photo editing service provided by image editing companies that specialize in this popular e-commerce technique (the ghost mannequin effect).

 Here are a few ideas:

Clothing Item On Mannequins

Clothing items with a human touch by wearing them on invisible mannequins in an online store is a marketing strategy. The situation is different if you display the clothing item on mannequins. The lifelessness of mannequins may even deter potential client. For clothing merchants to successfully sell their clothing items like t-shirts, invisible mannequin photography is insufficient. Invisible mannequin services may create the necessary mannequin effect for these product pictures. Marketers work with image editing businesses to fix this issue by using the ghost mannequin approach to the images to improve them.

For the finest result, TheEditouch IT team employs a variety of tools. We make precise selections using the clipping path, repair issues with the image such as blurriness and lack of focus, and if necessary, perform touch-up work by adjusting the brightness, saturation, color correction, and other factors.

Other services according on your needs

We offer invisible mannequin services and other services according on your needs and The Invisible Mannequin is also known as the.

Mannequin Effects

Which product need ghost manneuin effects that are invisible?

For ghost mannequins that aren’t manipulated at the neck joint, like pants, watches and hats, we can edit the apparel to add natural volume and texture. Even the best picture editing software won’t be able to do much if the raw image quality isn’t too good, despite the fact that our services are top of the line when it comes to producing this look.

T-Shirt • Pant • Trouser • Women Dresses • Party Wear • Skirt • Coat • Jacket • Sweater • Lingerie • Cap • Belt • Shoes • All jewelry • Swimsuit • Cosmetics

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